Welcome to my site

Dear visitor,

I created this site to share my personal experience with scripting adobe applications, mainly InDesign.

I've been working in InDesign since 2004 and automated all kind of things we used to do manually. Besides InDesign, I also write scripts for InCopy, Photoshop, Bridge and make Scripted Plug-ins with Rorohiko's APID. I write mostly in JavaScript, but know AppleScript and Visual Basic as well.

In producing this site, I have tried to "give back" something to the World Wide Web, which has given me so much. What do I have to offer?

  • For people who are interested in using my scripts, I am about to post my ready to use scripts which they can download from here.
  • For those who are are interested in developing their own scripts, I post the scripts I made for my own workflow, useful snippets of code, scripting tips and tricks. I have been monitoring Adobe InDesign scripting forum for 13 years and I have collected a great deal of interesting information I want to share on this site.
  • I made a page with links to interesting scripts sorted by categories. My idea is to aggregate a big collection of scripts, scattered all over the web, in one place.