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Batch process scripts (old)

Script for InDesign CS6 - CC 2017. Version 1.2

Originally this script was written to extend further the functionality of Rorohiko´s Action Recorder: you can record an action, export it to jsx-file and run it against a number of InDesign documents.

You can select and run a single script.

Or a set of scripts. In this case, I recommend you to add numbers to the names of jsx-files (at the beginning) to control the order of execution. Like so: 01_SomeName.jsx, 02_SomeName.jsx, 03_SomeName.jsx and so on

The progress bar displays the name of the file being processed.

If Create log file on the desktop checkbox is on, a text file Will be created on the desktop listing every document processed and scripts executed.

if Backup original InDesign documents checkbox is on, an original version of each indd-file is created whose name begins with "Backup_".

Note that backups are never overwritten: an incremental number is added after "Backup_".

When the files are batch processed, all warnings (e.g. missing fonts, links, etc.) are turned off.

This is the first version: not totally tested.

Click here to download the script. And from here you can download three sample scripts (from the screenshot above) you can use for testing. By the way, even a begginer can write such a simple script.