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Scripts for Eric

Jump script 1.1

Bookmarks 2.2

Signature et Portrait 2.2 (new)

Signature et Portrait 1.8 (old)
The script inserts author's (or source) name, his e-mail (web-address) and optionally his portrait.

Clean up spurious white space 1.1
a customized version of a script written by Peter Kahrel.

Apply paragraph styles 1.10

Data script 2.0

Create book script 7.0 (new)

Create book script 5.2 (old)

Insert portrait of author 1.4

Lien script 2.1

Story continuation script 2.0

Titre 3.1.2

Top stories script 2.0

Export latest book to pdf 2.2

XML Export 1.1

Colour correction script 3.0

Toggle image 1.0

Drop cap (Lettrine) 1.3

Cutoff rules 1.5

Small scripts

Add Suite de la une 1.0

Apply black fill and remove stroke 1.0

Apply character style None 1.1

Apply paper fill 1.0

Apply paper fill and black stroke of 1pt 1.0

Apply paragraph style 'corps.chapeau' 1.0

Apply space before 1.0

Clear all overrides 1.0

Clear character overrides 1.0

Move text frames to the Articles layer 1.0

Thread two selected frames 1.2 - Return

Thread two selected frames 1.3 - Frame Break

Load object into tool tip 1.0

Reveal in Finder 1.0

Pullquote script 2.4

Insert paragraph 2.0

Insert Ending Paragraphs 2.0

Horizontal Position 1.0