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Miscellaneous scripting tips & tricks (sorted by alphabet)


Scripting resources

Information for beginners

About the “Startup scripts” folder in InDesign CS3 – 4

How to communicate with Acrobat from InDesign

How to pass all parameters in a custom object via BridgeTalk

Example of a dynamic “select folder” dialog box

How to open any menu item by script

How to turn on/off visibility of the layers in a linked InDesign file

How to create usable in InDesign xml-files exported from Excel

How to measure the time a script executes

From print publication to web-page

Damaged documents (apps, scripts and tips for recovering)

Frame can contain more than one object at a time

In recent InDesign versions things with Visual Basic are totally broken

InDesign code samples

Performance issues and good scripting practices

ExtendScript Toolkit Unbearably Slow? by Kriss Coppiters — explains why you shouldn´t abuse global variables.

“Writing code like a story” by Kriss Coppiters

Performance Optimizations for High Speed JavaScript

Performance tips

How to ... ?

How to set many properties at once

How to convert textframe to button

How to get contents string from itemByRange

How to get the Physical Length of a Piece of Text (in mm etc.)

See also ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) Tips


How to install scripts in Adobe Bridge

How to make a hot folder in Bridge


How to crop pages in Acrobat sample

Enfocus Power Switch

Examples of a scripts for Enfocus Power Switch — involves InDesign and Photoshop CS3-5


ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) Tips

Use regular expressions to replace code quickly in ESTK

ExtendScript libraries


Photoshop scripting tips & tricks