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Start up folder for InDesign scripts

Startup scripts folder in InDesign CS3 – 4 is not created by default, so you have to create it manually. The scripts in this folder are executed every time when InDesign launches.

It can be created in two locations:

To quickly get there you can right click either Application or User folder in Scripts Panel and choose Reveal in Explorer (Finder).

Note: The name of the folder should be exactly Startup Scripts and it should be inside Scripts folder, for example:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS3\Scripts\Startup Scripts

In the recent versions of InDesign — e.g. CC 2018 — this folder is already created on installation.

To install a start-up script, copy it into this folder and restart InDesign.

To uninstall it, just remove it from this folder and restart InDesign.

Here's more information on installing scripts.